Transformation of the Environment: Influence of “Urban Reagents.” German and Russian Case Studies

Open publication of the dissertation – Bauhaus-University Weimar

An urban regeneration manifests itself through urban objects operating as change agents. The en-tailed diverse effects on the surroundings demonstrate experimental origin – an experiment as a preplanned but unpredictable method. An understanding of influences and features of urban ob-jects requires scrutiny due to a high potential of the elements to force an alteration and reactions. This dissertation explores the transformation of the milieu and mechanisms of this transformation.


to conferral of the academic degree

Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)

at the Faculty of Architecture


the Bauhaus University Weimar

submitted by

Reshetnikova Tatiana Sergeevna

M.Design, Diploma in “Design”

Date of birth 29\11\1984

Weimar, 2020


Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Frank Eckardt


Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Frank Eckardt

Prof. Vitaly Stadnikov (PhD)

Date of the disputation: 22.01.2021


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